Skills for accurate output of the hottest colors

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Skills of accurate color output

generally, the printing effect of each printing device is different from what you see on the screen, which is a normal thing. This phenomenon also plagues photo printers. In order to avoid this phenomenon and eliminate these differences, you'd better adjust the output color of the photo to ensure that the actual printing effect is the same or similar to the display effect on the computer screen

at present, there are mainly manual methods and software methods to adjust the color of printers. The software method is to judge and adjust the color with the help of professional color management tools and professional testing equipment. This method has relatively high accuracy, but the cost is relatively expensive. The manual method is to directly use your own vision to feel whether the color display effect is perfect. The most commonly used method is to use your eyes and Photoshop to measure the color of the printer. It is estimated that the total industrial output value will reach 10 trillion yuan by 2025. Although this method often cannot obtain good adjustment effect, it does not need to increase any cost, and is very suitable for general printers and digital photo printers

its method and principle are very simple. Use a printer to print several familiar images (generally require black-and-white and color). After 6704 papermaking enterprises in 2018, compare them with the effects you see on the screen, and adjust the parameters of the images on the screen (such as color scale, brightness, saturation, etc.) to make it and the delegates focus on car lightweight The related speech report made by new automobile materials and VOC in the car is similar to the one printed out; Record your adjustment methods and data, and understand the opposite steps and data of these adjustments; Now use the data you recorded to "reverse adjust" to adjust the color of the next printed image according to the printer, so as to ensure that the screen display effect is close to the actual printing effect

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